Official Court Reporter

U.S. Courts - Judicial Branch

The successful candidate must possess excellent communication skills and be willing to work as part of a team of reporters to meet the court’s needs. Candidates should be highly organized, possess tact, good judgment, poise, initiative, and maintain confidentiality, a professional appearance and appropriate demeanor at all times. Required: An applicant for appointment as an Official Court Reporter in a United States District Court must possess as a minimum requirement at least four years of prime court reporting experience in a court, or in the freelance field of service, or a combination thereof, and have qualified by testing for listing on the registry of professional reporters of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) or passed an equivalent qualifying examination. Salary Range:
Four increment levels are authorized for merit and Realtime certification. Starting salary level is commensurate with qualifications. Level 1: Starting salary ($84,635) (minimum qualifications). Level 2: Starting salary plus 5% ($88,867) – requires merit certification. Level 3: Starting salary plus 10% ($93,099) – requires Realtime certification. Level 4: Starting salary plus 15% ($97,330) – requires Realtime certification and merit certification. Merit certification = registered merit reporter from the NCRA.
Real-time certification = successful completion of a certified Realtime examination by NCRA or equivalent exam.
The United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia is seeking qualified applicants for the position of a full-time Official Court Reporter who shall report for the Article III Judges, primarily at the Clarksburg and Elkins points of holding court.