Defense Intelligence Agency - Department of Defense

ASSESSMENT FACTORS 1. Demonstrates ability to identify and analyze mission strengths and weaknesses related to finance and acquisition or strategy, engagement and evaluation, and proposes options for investment/ continued investment in a finance and acquisition or strategy, engagement and evaluation function or work process. 2. Works independently to accurately prepare written products for which there may not be an established template, appropriately tailored to a specific audience. 3. Approves funding documentation in accordance with procedures to ensure public resources are utilized appropriately. 4. Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills to compose and to deliver responses to moderately complex questions in a clear, concise, and organized manner. 5. Presents a positive, professional image of the office to all clients, colleagues, and leadership in spoken and written, routine and moderately complex communication.
We are committed to: Teamwork: Partnering at all levels and across organizational boundaries for mission accomplishment. Integrity: Adherence to the highest legal and ethical principles in our responsibilities. Excellence: Unrivaled defense intelligence expertise. Service: Putting the welfare of the Nation and commitment to our mission before oneself.