Information Technology Specialist (DATAMGT)

Veterans Affairs, Inspector General - Department of Veterans Affairs

You must meet the following requirements by the closing date of this announcement. Specialized Experience: For the GS-14, you must have one year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-13 grade level in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position includes: – Experience utilizing Automated Data Processing (ADP) standards such as data validation, project documentation, program testing, and programming procedures; AND – Experience with organizational training in data analysis principles, methodologies and techniques in order to improve efficiency and quality of work; AND – Experience coaching, facilitating and/or mentoring teams in problem solving, work methods and best practices in database programming. In addition to meeting specialized experience, applicants must also show proficiency in 1) attention to detail, 2) customer service, 3) oral communication, and 4) problem solving.
OIG is organized into seven operational units: the Immediate Office of the Inspector General, Office of the Counselor, Office of Audits and Evaluations, Office of Healthcare Inspections, Office of Investigations, Office of Management and Administration, and Office of Special Reviews. In addition to the Washington, DC, headquarters, OIG has offices located in more than 60 locations throughout the country.