Africa Counterterrorism Analyst

Office of the Director of National Intelligence - Other Agencies and Independent Organizations

Mandatory Requirements Extensive knowledge in area of subject matter expertise. Demonstrated ability to effectively plan, research, develop, and write high-quality, complex analyses, studies, projects, assignments, and briefings on key US foreign policy and national security objectives focused on a specific region or transnational issue for IC consumers and policymakers at the highest levels of government. Ability to apply expert knowledge of ODNI, IC organizations, and relevant customer organizations or operations (e.g., military, policymakers, and law enforcement), in order to effectively translate their requirements and provide appropriate output or responses to meet customer needs. Extensive knowledge of IC policy and procedures and demonstrated knowledge of analytic tradecraft and superior ability to communicate intelligence information and judgments to generalists as well as specialists. Demonstrated ability to produce analytic finished intelligence related to the subject matter issue, either as lead analyst or manager of analysts, and broad knowledge of the role of intelligence analysis within the IC. Demonstrated ability to lead and promote the development and use of a broad range of methodological tools and approaches to research, analyze, and present data (modeling, link analysis, or software). Demonstrated ability to maintain and develop regular contacts within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the IC for exchanging information. Demonstrated levels of flexibility and superior ability to remain open-minded and change opinions on the basis of new information and requirements; superior ability to support group decisions and solicit opinions from coworkers. Demonstrated ability to oversee and direct information sharing programs and promote information sharing practices across the ODNI and IC. Demonstrated analytic and critical thinking skills, including superior ability to think strategically. Demonstrated ability to execute senior-level guidance in a fast-paced environment and superior ability to translate strategic goals into specific objectives with appropriate metrics and methods to track progress towards meeting those goals. Demonstrated interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills, in working with individuals at the highest levels of the IC and government in justifying, defending, negotiating, and resolving significant and controversial issues. Demonstrated ability to work effectively both independently and in a team or collaborative environment, and mentor junior colleagues. Creative problem-solving skills and initiative in carrying out mission responsibilities. At least seven years of experience as an all-source analyst on Africa or counterterrorism at a national intelligence agency or combatant command. Desired Requirements: Experience with network development and targeting tradecraft. Knowledge of USG policies in Africa.
The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) leads the nations effort to protect the United States from terrorism by integrating, analyzing and sharing information to drive whole-of-government action and achieve our national CT objectives.

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