Business Manager NF-03

Army Installation Management Command - Department of the Army

Minimum Qualifications: One (1) year specialized experience in the management of horse stables, or closely related business involving caring for & ensuring the welfare of large livestock, and experience reporting profit/loss?
Four (4) years education above high school level in a degree program related to Integrated Animal Business? Please Note: In order to meet the minimum requirements for experience, your experience must be clearly stated in your resume. Incomplete applications will be rated as ineligible. Please Note: In order to meet the minimum requirements for education, transcripts MUST be submitted at time of application for consideration. Best Qualified: One (1) year specialized experience that demonstrates the full management of horse stables operations Please Note: If claiming best qualified, your experience must be clearly reflected in your resume. Incomplete applications/resumes will not be given best qualified consideration. Applicants that meet the Best Qualified criteria will be referred to management for consideration first. All others will be referred if management does not make a selection from the Best Qualified list.
This position is located at Buffalo Corral Riding Stables on Fort Huachuca. This is a regular full-time position (40 hours) with eligibility to participate in the NAF Employee Benefits Plan. To better expedite the hiring process, we recommend including full contact information (name, address, phone number, email, etc.) for professional and personal references on your resume. For additional information please view our Application Information Kit.